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'On the nose'

Talk to other yachties in the Med about their trip, and they'll use the phrase 'On the nose' an awful lot, meaning that wherever they want to go, that's where the wind is, and that's the direction you can't go in. If you wanted to go to the left or right though you'd have a fantastic sail. But that won't get you to your next port of call in time to meet your mates, or get there before dark, or whatever other time limit you've imposed on yourself.  

 So I thought it was the ideal title for the book, and I grabbed it. Nobody else seems to have used it so far.

The two aereated characters on the left doing all the blowing are of course two of the Wind Gods, members of the shady consortium known as Pan Med Wind Gods, who control all three winds in the Med, using a device called the Ventomatico Wind Synthesiser. It's true, believe me, you can read about it in the book.

And yes, I did say three winds. Their pan-European names are:  Surlenez (On the nose), Intrafundamentale (Up the Chuff) and Nofuchinavente (Buggerall).

You may have thought that there were dozens of exotically named breezes in the Med but you'd be dead wrong there. The Wind Gods have done away with them. Really.

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 'Bang on the nose'



The sea had been calling Bob and Liz Cooper for years but it always got the answerphone. Then one day they called back, bought a boat, cast off from their old life and sailed away to the Mediterranean.

Their liveaboard life was described in ‘On the nose’, a perceptive and witty tongue-in-cheek guide for yachties, packed with seriously funny cartoons. ‘Bang on the nose’, the long-awaited and equally entertaining follow-up, continues their journey around Malta, Greece and Turkey, and is even more crammed with whimsical full-colour cartoons, amusing stories, handy hints and cruising characters.

An ideal gift book, it’s a brilliantly funny read for sailor and non-sailor alike.

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'On the nose' is available priced £9-99 and is stocked by Kelvin Hughes our distributor. Buy it online now

It is available to order from other websites -Amazon,Waterstones and WH Smith. 

In the UK you can buy it at many chandleries and bookshops. ISBN number 978-0-9559256-0-3

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Las Gallettas Tenerife from Clubsail www.clubsail.com  

Nautical Mind bookshop in Toronto Canada [email protected]

Boat Books in Auckland New Zealand mailto:[email protected]@boatbooks.co.nz 

Budget Marine in the Caribbean [email protected] and [email protected]

'On the nose' was a long time in the making; a lot of fun and hard work too. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all our friends who've shown their interest and support and generously given us their time with proof reading, introductions to printers, distributors, media and press and links to their websites. Thanks to everybody who has emailed their support and would like to buy a copy. We've had interest from all over the world.

'Bang on the nose' has been a long time in the making too. Probably even harder work than 'On the nose', because our external hard drive containing all of our reference photos decided to self-destruct. 'Back-up?' you may say. Well yes, they're all backed up on CDs and the CDs are all on Yanina. Yanina is in the Caribbean and we are in Yorkshire. So I had to dredge my memory a fair bit, and make use of t'interweb thingy to help. Help was also forthcoming from the usual suspects, who are all named in the back of the book. 'Bang on the nose' is up there on the Amazon, WHSmith and Waterstones websites but the best and quickest way to get the book will be to order from www.bookharbour.com

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