On the nose


Reviews and articles of 'Bang on the nose'

 Bang on the nose has been reviewed so far in PBO and Sailing Today (December 2010), and Yachting Monthly (January 2011).


Reviews and articles of 'On the nose'

There have been quite a few reviews and articles following the publication of  'On the nose', and now they are available here to read as PDF's. Just click on the pictures.

Article in Yachting Monthly magazine - June 2009 issue


Liz wrote this informative article which was published in the June 2009 issue of  Yachting Monthly on the costs involved in cruising the Mediterranean. Click on the picture to view it as a PDF.

Book review in Sail magazine US - June 2009 issue


Click on the picture to view a PDF of the review in Sail magazine by Rebecca Waters.








 Book review in Latitudes and Attitudes US West Coast magazine - April 2009. 


Click on the picture to view a PDF of the review.

You can also read the whole magazine on line. Latitudes and Attitudes







 Book review in Caribbean Compass newspaper - April 2009


Caribbean Compass is a free monthly paper published on Bequia and distributed throughout the islands, featuring news, views and the voice of the Caribbean yachting community. 

Ruth Lund of Budget Marine Chandlery chain not only kindly stocked 'On the nose' at the Trinidad branch but sent a review to Compass. To read a PDF of the review, clink on the picture. 






Book review in The Bay magazine - Chaguaramas Bay, Trinidad


View the Aug/Sept 2008 issue of 'The Bay' - news and events taking place in and around the bay of Chaguaramas in Trinidad. Click either the link, or the picture.

And here's a link to the 'On the nose' book review in the April/May 2009 issue 




 Book review in Sailing Today magazine - March 2009 issue


Duncan Kent, editor of Sailing Today obviously enjoyed reading 'On the nose'. Click on the picture to view his review  as a PDF







A cartoon every month in Latitudes and Attitudes US coast magazine

Bob Bitchin, editor of Latitudes and Attitudes  is publishing one cartoon a month from the book

and says:

'I like your illustrations Bob. They are very reminiscent of a series we ran for 3-4 years by Bob Ocueguda out of Belgium.'

Click on the image to see a  PDF of the page.


     June issue 2009                    March issue 2009               February issue 2009


Nauticalia Galley Cloths

To landlubbers this means tea towels. We designed these two tea-towels for Nauticalia  gifts catalogue, featuring cartoons from the book. Click on  the images for a larger view.













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Article in Yachting Monthly magazine - June 2008 issue


Two months before the publishing date, 'On the nose' had a very good launch with this article in the June 2008 issue of Yachting Monthly featuring extracts from the book. Click on the picture to read the article.







 Book Review by Paul Gelder - Editor of Yachting Monthly magazine


Paul Gelder, editor of Yachting Monthly magazine, started the ball rolling with this review on the back cover of the book.