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Yanina is for sale and is now in Hull Marina, Humberside.


Where we've been 2004 -2011



This is our route, from spending our first winter in Kip Marina in Scotland, down the Irish Sea, across the Channel and the (dreaded) Bay of Biscay, down the Atlantic coast of Spain and Portugal, to winter in Almerimar, Andalucia, Spain, the driest corner of Europe (we're no fools).


2005 - 2006

From Spain we sailed across the Western Mediterranean sea to the Balearic islands, then to Corsica, Sardinia, and across the Ligurian sea to the North coast of Italy. 

Sailing down the Italian peninsula we visited the islands of Elba, the Pontine islands and the Aeolian islands, then down to Sicily and through the Messina straits to Malta for the winter.





One one of the occasions when we were running low on funds, we decided to make our own money and here it is. On the right, it shows our route from Malta to the Ionian, round the Peloponnese peninsula and up to Northern Greece to the Khalkadiki peninsula, across the Northern Aegean then down the Western coast of Turkey to Marmaris for the winter.
















2007 - 2008

And on the left, inside the little globe, is our route back across the Mediterranean to head for the Atlantic. From Turkey we braved the Meltemi winds and island hopped across the Southern Aegean, transitted the Corinth canal for a very different route into the Ionian. Then to Malta, Tunisia, the Balearic islands and back to winter in Almerimar, Southern Spain again.


2008 - 2009

From Spain we headed to Gibraltar, through the straits to Morocco, down the Moroccan coast and across to The Canaries. Having prepared for the Atlantic crossing we sailed back to West Africa - Senegal, then The Gambia, across to the Cape Verde islands, then made the crossing to the Caribbean island of Trinidad.

From there we sailed up the Caribbean island chain as far as Dominica, then back down to Grenada. 


2010 - 12

After a break of 18 months in England, we went back to Grenada, aboard Yanina and decided to ship her back to France where we traveled in the French Canals.



Yanina is now in Hull Marina UK.